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Paulo Garcia

Managing Director and CEO, Marsh Philippines | Manila

  • Position: Managing Director & CEO
  • Business: Property & Casualty, Employee Benefits, and Advisory
  • Office Location: Philippines
  • Joined Marsh: May 2012
  • Hometown: Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines
  • Education: Ateneo Graduate School of Business, MBA; University of the Philippines, AB, Philosophy
  • Personal Interests / Hobbies: Mountain biking, golf, cars

Meet Paulo

My job as a CEO with full P&L responsibility points towards taking care of the entire business within my geography. This cuts across broking, advisory, finance, HR, and operations. On top of that, it also requires that I stay close to key clients, regulators, and relevant communities inside and outside the business industry where we operate. The most important part of it all is looking after my colleagues and leading them toward well-being, growth, and career fulfillment. Taking care of colleagues is the best way to ensure a thriving business.

Marsh has a learning culture. Tell us about something new you learned recently. How did you learn it?

I recently learned a new skill in stress management. When things are getting too fast and overwhelming, instead of stepping up the pace, slow it down a notch to see what really matters. This allows you to prioritize, delegate, and seek proper support for whatever task or issue needs to be dealt with. I learned this through a recent journey where a few clients threatened to leave us because of some challenges we encountered within our claims department. With irate clients and pressing business demands simultaneously coming at a fast pace, things can be overwhelming. Slowing down a notch, instead of trying to match the pace, proved to be a more effective approach in spite of being counterintuitive. This was further validated through a coaching session with our in-house executive coach, who we have made available to all leaders at Marsh Philippines.

How does a hybrid work environment support you in doing your work?

The hybrid setup is perfect because it allows me to exercise flexibility when I have pressing concerns that happen simultaneously with work. Equally important is that it has motivated me to commit even more to the necessary hours needed to achieve outcomes – with the knowledge that there will always be flexibility for the other important aspects of my life.

How has being a mentor, mentee, or both shaped your life and career?

As a mentee, I was very much inspired (and influenced) by my mentor’s leadership style and career commitment. To this day, I carry all the learnings and continue implementing and evolving this based on current events. Having a mentor is reassuring because it provides you with a safety net that there will always be guidance available when you need to sort things out. As a mentor, it is very fulfilling to see my mentees face challenges and eventually thrive in their undertakings – be they personal or professional. To see wisdom, skills, and well-being passed on and paid forward is the most fulfilling thing in one's career as a leader!

What practice(s) have you found most useful in creating an effective mentor/mentee relationship?

In creating an effective mentor/mentee relationship, the parameters of the relationship need to be well defined. For starters, it must be clear that the mentee must drive the whole process. What are the mentee's objectives for themselves, and what does the mentee hope to learn from the mentor? Covered under this would also be scheduling (or reaching out) and suggested topics or questions for learning.

Celebrating Mentoring Month

Join us in recognizing the power of mentoring and its incredible impact on protecting and promoting Possibility for our colleagues and communities.