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The Changing Face of Cyber Claims 2021

With ransomware doubling in cyber claims last year, no organisation is beyond the reach of unscrupulous hackers.

The Changing face of Cyber Claims 2021 is a report based on an analysis of cyber insurance claims managed by Marsh in Continental Europe from 2016-2020. Now in its second year, the report also examines how cyber criminals take advantage of human curiosity and our need for topical information during a crisis – such as the Covid-19 pandemic - brings legal risks related to ransomware into the fold and outlines an action plan for organisations to become more resilient.

According to the report, the number of cyber claims across Continental Europe continues to rise, driven mainly by malicious cyber events (80%), while non-malicious cyber claims grew steadily (20%).

With the contribution of KivuMicrosoft and CMS, the report looks at practical ways to manage and mitigate cyber risk and claims, build resilience into your working practices, and help your organisation:

  • Appreciate how the nature of cyber events is changing
  • Understand how Covid-19 is presenting cyber criminals with new opportunities
  • Get to grips with ransomware, from GDPR concerns down to modus operandi
  • With a dedicated step-by-step guide on what to do in case of a cyber incident
  • Dive into how the cyber insurance market is evolving and how you can get or stay insured

Understanding of the Changing Face of Cyber Claims – and they really are changing dramatically in terms of volume and type – is vital to ensuring a robust and resilient response to a cyber incident. Marsh’s second edition of this European report comes at a crucial moment for organisations across the continent: being informed and proactive are two important steps towards a more prepared and resilient organisation.

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