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Forensic Accounting and Claims Services

Losses can have a major impact on the bottom line. Marsh can assist to identify income exposures, maximise the value of premium coverage, and quantify, support and recover losses in the aftermath.

Losses can result from a variety of events or interruptions, such as fires, storms, machinery breakdowns, power outages, natural disasters, contractual disputes, and product recalls.

Quantifying the full financial impact of an event is a specialised field. To add to this challenge, documenting and negotiating claims with third parties, including insurers, often demands time from business leaders and other important staff, when physical recovery and mitigation are critical.

The Forensic Accounting and Claims Services (FACS) Practice has a global team of professionals ready to provide you with pro-active, hands-on support through a wide range of expert services. These services are designed to help you identify and quantify income exposures, and maximise the value of premium coverage before a loss, and quantify, support, and recover losses in the aftermath — enabling you to stay focused on your employees, operations, and customers.

The result? We will assist you to ensure losses — actual or potential — are quantified accurately and not underestimated.

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Luke Stratford

Claims Solutions Leader, Asia

  • Singapore