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Asia Client Services

A dedicated practice that understands the unique needs, buying styles, and cultural sensitivities of Asian companies, Marsh’s Asia Client Services focuses exclusively on serving Asian companies that do business outside their home countries.

Operating outside of their home countries is essential for most Asian multinationals.

Seizing opportunities requires managing unique risks and challenges: navigating local laws and regulations, and managing employee benefits and insurance requirements such as workers’ compensation, to name just a few, and ensuring that the insurance and risk management strategies of US subsidiaries are in line with those of the parent company adds another layer of complexity and opportunity. Our Marsh ACS reporting line mirrors that of our clients as we report directly to Marsh Asia.

Marsh’s Asia Client Services (ACS) specialty practice comprises 600 dedicated colleagues worldwide who specialize in providing insurance and risk management services exclusively to multinational clients emanating from Japan, Korea, China, and Taiwan. Our team can communicate with you in your native language. We understand cultural sensitivities and your insurance buying style. We also have the insurance market relationships with your preferred carrier — and competitive alternatives.

ACS professionals not only understand your business’ unique needs, we also focus on industries — technology, automotive, manufacturing, construction risk, pharmaceutical, and consumer electronics, among others — so we have the perspective and judgment to help you anticipate emerging challenges. And we understand how using data, analytics, and leading risk management strategies can enable you to better allocate risk capital.

It all adds up to a wide range of services and coverage for all the major lines of insurance— property, casualty, and financial and professional liability insurance, as well as employee benefits — seamlessly delivered by a single dedicated organization, so you can rest assured that your insurance and risk management needs are covered.

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