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A strategic valuation partner offering insurance, financial reporting, market and taxation valuation services. Ensure the correct values are attributed to each asset, minimize the risk of over or under insurance and comply with your accounting requirements.

Marsh Valuation Services undertakes valuations of the Property, Plant and Equipment assets for leading organisations across various sectors.

From residential, commercial, retail, energy and power, to aged care and health, education, religious, infrastructure, mining, manufacturing, property trusts, oil and gas, and all levels of government.

We value your world

Declare assets with confidence to help ensure you’re fully covered in the event of a loss. Did you know that incorrect values could cost you money? An over declaration could lead to higher premiums and an under declaration might result in an insufficient insurance payout in the event of a claim. We can help to ensure the correct values are attributed to each asset and minimise the risk of over or under insurance.

Common mistakes that businesses make when declaring their insured values:

  • Declaring their assets’ Book Value.
  • Using last year's declared values or simply increasing values by a percentage.
  • Declaring their assets’ Market Value.
  • Asking the bank, builder, architect, or real estate agent to value their assets.
  • Relying on advice from an in-house accountant or engineer.
  • Declaring the value of what they would prefer to replace the asset with rather than the existing asset.

Reduce costs and save time by combining valuation requirements

As an experienced and accredited valuation business, we can save you time and money by combining your valuation requirements for various purposes including:

  • Insurance
  • Financial Reporting (fair value)
  • Taxation
  • Purchase Price Allocation
  • Stamp Duty
  • Market Valuations
  • Rental Reviews
  • Asset Register Reconciliation
  • Depreciation

Experience the Marsh difference

Let us help you get your claims settled faster, protect ownership interests of your physical assets and respond to increasing compliance demands with total transparency.

We provide insurance and financial reporting valuations for all tangible assets including land, buildings, machinery, contents, infrastructure and fine art, while our unique systems can empower you with the fastest way to declare accurate values and complete any reporting requirements.

As your strategic valuation partner, our team will tailor our approach to suit your needs, offering a complete valuation solution.

Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation.