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Travel by the research ship. Studying of climatic and weather changes in Antarctica. Snow and ices of the Antarctic islands.



Climate Liability and Insurance

The risk of climate liability may affect you in ways you may not be anticipating. Understand some of the key trends in the current climate liability landscape and points to consider as a risk manager.

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Risk Trend Reporting Across the Energy and Power Industry

Unique analysis has been developed from the risk information in the annual reports and accounts of over 60 global companies.

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Global Transactional Risk Insurance Claims Report 2024

Global transactional risk insurance claims report 2024 highlights the ongoing evolution of the claims landscape and provides valuable insights into the trends and developments in the transactional risk insurance market.

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UK Management Liability Claims Review 2023

Download our Management Liability Claims Report for a view of Marsh UK’s 2023 claims data, including analysis of the cause and location of losses, and trends since 2020.

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Ransomware: A persistent challenge in cyber insurance claims

With cyber risk firmly embedded as a key concern for organizations of all sizes, effective risk transfer is an increasingly important piece of a successful cyber risk management strategy.

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How to build an affinity insurance program

Discover Marsh's comprehensive guide on building an affinity insurance program and embedded insurance program. Learn the benefits, step-by-step process, and how to implement a successful affinity insurance program. Download now!

The Global Risks Report

The top risks for 2024 and beyond. Data and insights from more than 1,400 global experts and leaders.