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Risk in Context Podcast: Understanding and mitigating political risks in a shifting global environment

In today's rapidly changing global landscape, businesses are increasingly exposed to political risks that can impact their existing or planned investments.
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In today's rapidly changing global landscape, businesses are increasingly exposed to political risks that can impact their existing or planned investments. These risks are further amplified by state-led economic policies, unpredictable conflicts, and the 2024 election year, which will see over 60 countries going to the polls.

To successfully navigate these challenges, it is crucial for business leaders to have a robust strategy in place. And as outlined in the recently released Political Risk Report 2024, it is critical for senior leaders to understand the importance of identifying, preparing for, and mitigating political risks.

In this episode of Risk in Context, Robert Perry, Marsh’s Global Head of Political Risk and Structured Credit, speaks with Chris Coppock, who leads the Political Risk analytics team, and James Lloyd, a Senior Vice President specializing in political violence and terrorism within Bowring Marsh, about the main political risks faced by businesses worldwide. They also discuss how businesses can effectively navigate this adverse environment, mitigate risk, and make the most of opportunities by leveraging a robust political risk and trade insurance program.

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Key takeaways

Businesses face a multitude of interlinked risks

Interconnected political, trade, macroeconomic, climate, and other risks can have a cascading effect on businesses, requiring business leaders to strengthen their ability to identify, prepare for, and mitigate time-sensitive challenges through a robust risk management strategy.

Significant focus on political violence during a major election year

More than 60 elections will take place in 2024, raising significant concerns for businesses, especially considering the risk of AI-fueled misinformation and disinformation, requiring organizations to closely monitor developments and manage potential repercussions.

Political risk and trade credit insurance can provide critical protection

The commercial insurance market remains strong, providing ample coverage and critical protection to businesses, helping them safeguard their investments and operations against uncertainties and potential disruptions, and allowing them to continue investing in opportunities.

About our speakers

Robert Perry

Robert Perry

Global Head, Political Risk and Structured Credit, Marsh

  • United Kingdom

Robert Perry is Marsh’s Global Head for Political Risk and Structured Credit, based in London. He is also the CEO of Credit Specialties UK. He joined Marsh in 2016 as the Political and Structured Credit Leader for Asia, following 35 years in the insurance industry, 25 of which were focused on political and structured credit risk insurance. Throughout his career he has focused extensively on working with a diverse range of multinational corporations, commodity traders, financial institutions, and public agencies. He has worked on large and complex projects with organizations in multiple industries and has very broad experience placing business for clients around the world into the global insurance and reinsurance marketplace.

Christopher Coppock

Christopher Coppock

Vice President Political Risk Analysis, Credit Specialties

  • United Kingdom

Christopher Coppock leads the Political Risk analysis team within Marsh’s Credit Specialties Practices, providing political risk assessments, economic analysis, and sector-specific insights for clients and for internal applications. Prior to joining Marsh, he worked at Darktrace, focusing on critical cybersecurity insurance issues. He holds Master’s degrees from Sciences Po, Paris, and the London School of Economics in international affairs and global security issues.

James Lloyd

James Lloyd

Senior Vice President, War and Terrorism, Bowring Marsh

  • United Kingdom

James Lloyd is a Senior Vice President, working in Bowring Marsh’s Terrorism and Political Violence team. Based in London, he leads the of the North American Terrorism account, working primarily on North American domiciled clients. This has included the placement of complex programs covering clients’ exposures domestically in the continent but also for their overseas assets and exposures in the developing world and emerging markets.

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