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Faith and Mission

Faith and Mission-based organisations continue to navigate challenges that are reshaping their risk profiles. Our experts are dedicated to working with organisations to manage current challenges and prepare for emerging risks to ensure their sustainability and mission fulfilment.

In a world of changing risks and evolving challenges, faith and mission-based organisations are facing obstacles like never before.

Faith-based organisations continue to navigate challenges that are reshaping their risk profiles. Marsh’s Faith and Mission practice professionals are dedicated to working with organisations to manage current challenges and prepare for emerging risks to ensure their sustainability and mission fulfilment.

Specialising in the unique risks of faith and mission-based organisations

Our dedicated team of professionals aim to empower Faith and Mission-based organisations across your main exposures of People, Property and Liability and to redirect resources back to your mission.

Our goal is to help you protect your assets, ensure the safety of your members or students, and effectively manage risk costs to redirect resources back to your mission. We offer tailored risk management and insurance solutions that are cost-effective and proactive. With our expertise and support, we can help safeguard your organisation, address evolving risk management challenges and provide peace of mind knowing that your mission is fully supported.

Why Marsh?

Marsh is the world’s leading insurance broker and risk advisor. Our unmatched global network brings together the best insights, expertise and services to suit the industry’s needs.

Marsh’s dedicated Faith practice is here to support faith-based organisations in Australia. We understand the unique challenges you face, such as declining congregation numbers, lower donation income and changing social and spiritual practices.

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Benefits to our clients

Risk Management

Cost effective risk management redirecting funds back into your mission


Deep specialised expertise and support addressing your unique risk management challenges


Customised safety, well-being and compliance solutions for all members and students

To take control of your organisation's risk management strategy and stay ahead, please reach out to your Marsh representative, or speak to one of our specialists.


Following the Catholic Church Insurance run-off, Marsh understands the unique challenges faced by Catholic, faith and mission-based organisations in Australia. We offer specialised insurance and risk management solutions tailored to the needs of these organisations. Our team of experts can help you navigate the changing landscape and find alternative insurance options and risk management approaches that provide comprehensive coverage, protect your organisation and redirect costs back to your mission.

Faith and mission encompass various entities like diocese and parishes, places of worship, educational institutions, health and aged care, welfare and not-for-profit. Each organisation faces a diverse range of risks across different areas, including People, Property, and Liability. Some of the prominent risks include:

People: Diminishing congregation attendance numbers, educating and supporting newly arrived priests and clergy, duty of care to provide a safe environment for students, workforce planning and aging workforce, occupational violence and stress, complex care needs for the aging community and mental stress claims from staff and volunteers.

Property: Asset rationalisation, consolidation of low-attended parishes, maintenance programs to reduce vulnerability to catastrophic and natural perils, and governance, risk management, and procurement for capital works programs.

Liability: Professional standard claims and redress scheme, reputational risk in relation to student safety, cyber risks such as privacy breaches and hacking, compliance with changing regulatory environments and contractual obligations linked to government funding and insurance requirements.

Faith and mission-based organisations can effectively manage risk by implementing a comprehensive risk management strategy. This includes:

Prevention: Developing a risk prevention strategy by identifying and quantifying risks and exposures. It is important to create a crisis response plan as not all risks can be prevented.

Collaboration: Engaging internal and external stakeholders, as well as qualified risk advisors, to identify and address risks. Risk advisors can provide valuable insights and guidance in managing risks effectively.

Identifying and quantifying risk exposures requires a collaborative approach involving internal stakeholders, external experts and risk advisors. Marsh can assist in this process by utilising sophisticated risk assessment tools and data analysis techniques. By collecting and analysing relevant data, we can help you better understand and quantify your organisation's risk exposures, enabling informed decision-making and prioritisation of risks.

As a leading risk advisor, Marsh offers a range of solutions to faith and mission-based organisations. Our experienced team can collect and assess valuable data on your organisation's risks, providing insights into emerging risks and helping prioritise them. In times of crisis, our risk management specialists can provide guidance and support to navigate challenges effectively. We are committed to helping you protect your organisation, manage risks and ensure the continuity of your mission.

Our people

Andrew Caley

Andrew Caley

National Practice Leader

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Sarah Catterick

National Practice Leader

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