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Global Maritime Issues Monitor 2021

Issued in partnership with the Global Maritime Forum and the International Union of Marine Insurance (IUMI).
Global Maritime Issue Monitor 2021 Report

Environmental issues top the list of concerns that will have the most impact in the next 10 years for the global maritime industry, according to a survey of public and private decision makers and commentary from over a dozen experts.

The Global Maritime Issues Monitor 2021 tracks attitudes regarding critical issues facing the maritime industry. Key industry stakeholders comment on the concerns they believe are most likely to arise in the coming decade, which could have a high impact, and how well prepared the maritime industry is to meet the challenges.


Global Maritime Issues Monitor 2021

Critical issues facing the maritime industry

Key issues covered

Environmental issues — decarbonization of shipping, regulation, and the failure of climate change mitigation and adaptation — scored high for perceived impact and likelihood, and worryingly low on preparedness.

Survey respondents in 2020 viewed pandemic as the risk for which the industry was least prepared; however, in 2021 it ranks as an issue for which the industry is most prepared, reflecting many months of intense focus.

Cyberattacks and data theft rank second in the survey for lack of preparedness, and third for likelihood, underscoring the industry’s concern.

The report undertakes a deep dive into the different climate policy options available to regulators in the maritime space and the industry’s perceptions of them. 

Find out how well your organization tracks against these issues.