Cyber Risk: Threats and Insurance Protection for the Mining Sector

The world’s leading mining companies now unanimously report that cyber threats are among the principal risks facing their organisations.

Marsh’s report, Cyber Risk: Threats and Insurance Protection for the Mining Sector, highlights how networked systems are now in use across all aspects of mining operations, and how a range of cyber-attacks on the sector - and industry at large - have raised concerns about the cyber threat.

The report highlights specific cyber risks for mining companies, the potential impacts of those threats on operations, and how a greater understanding of those risks now is reflected in a growing suite of cyber insurance solutions.

Topics covered in the report include:

  • Key risks to the mining sector, such as risks to safety and production critical controls; fraud, extortion, and disruption to supplies of critical consumables and utilities; loss of financial data integrity; and loss of exploration data, mining rights and title, and resource definition.
  • The industry’s use of remote access and control systems, such as supervisory control and data access systems and other remote telemetry devices.
  • The insurance market’s response to these threats and the steps involved in designing a suitable cyber insurance program.

To find out more, download the report.