Webcast Replay: Climate Change Adaptation in the Mining Sector - Discussing the Imperative

The debate concerning the impacts of climate change has caused an acceleration of activity across society, governments, and enterprise in the last decade. Shifts in weather patterns, such as droughts and floods, have affected food security, devastated communities, and disrupted economies globally. It is expected that with the increased frequency and severity of natural catastrophes across the globe, the risk of further economic, social, and environmental impacts is likely to intensify. The 2020 pandemic outbreak has added another stressor to the mix. Governments and communities, particularly in regions already affected by climate-related strain, expect mining firms to demonstrate a strong commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors. Among key stakeholders, asset managers are also closely evaluating issuer actions as part of evolving ESG-related decision-making criteria in their lending and investing activity. 

To support mining companies’ efforts in identifying, assessing and managing climate-related risks, the Mining Association of Canada (MAC) in collaboration with Golder has developed a risk-based Climate Change Adaptation Guide that will be published later this year. The co-authors provide an early overview of this Guide developed with the broader stakeholder community in mind. We will also hear from representatives of one key stakeholder group – the institutional investors.  CIBC Asset Management and RBC Global Asset Management will discuss the importance of ESG factors for asset managers, how these factors are considered as part of issuer risk assessment, and how issuers should consider this evolving trend. 

This webcast covers:

  • MAC & Golder Climate Change Adaptation Guide 
  • Growing importance of ESG management to the broader stakeholder community
  • Overview of ESG decision-making frameworks used by RBC and CIBC


  • Manuela Battello, Senior Vice President – National Mining Industry Leader, Marsh Canada Limited (Moderator)
  • Maia Becker – Director, Corporate Governance and Responsible Investment, RBC Global Asset Management
  • Sean Capstick – Principal, Golder
  • Charles Dumaresq – Vice President, Science and Environmental Management, Mining Association of Canada
  • Daniel Greenspan – Senior Analyst, CIBC Asset Management

Please note, this webcast is in English only.

Webcast Replay: Climate Change Adaptation in the Mining Sector Discussing the Imperative

Mining firms can learn about the upcoming Climate Change Adaptation Guide from Golder and the Mining Association of Canada. Also, hear from RBC Global Asset Management and CIBC Asset Management on the importance of ESG factors in investor/lender decision-making frameworks.