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ESG-ERM Integration

Make better risk-informed business decisions and improve your preparedness amid a complex ESG risk landscape by leveraging Marsh Asia’s holistic and systematic approach in integrating ESG risks with your enterprise risk management framework.


Our three-step approach provides meaningful recommendations to streamline your sustainability and ERM governance structures — boosting the credibility and effectiveness of your risk mitigation strategies.


Leveraging the insights of our insurance and claims experts, we offer perspectives tailored to your industry, revealing vulnerable areas at risk of loss events.


Our in-depth climate change and sustainability expertise translates into effective identification, assessment and mitigation of ESG risks.

Missing out on ESG risks can derail your enterprise risk management efforts. Don’t be caught by surprise.

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues translate into complex and interconnected risks. To ensure ESG risks are appropriately managed as part of the overall risk portfolio, organisations must take right actions to identify and integrate ESG risks into their enterprise risk management (ERM) approach. 

ESG-ERM integration should be a priority for your organisation, as an ESG-related risk event or crisis can occur anytime and reveal the "weakest link" in your risk posture, potentially resulting in serious revenue impact, enterprise-wide disruptions, financial penalties and liabilities, increased cost of capital, as well as eroding stakeholder confidence and enterprise value.

Given the potential consequences, Marsh Asia’s risk advisory team has developed a holistic and systematic approach to help you assess and integrate ESG risks into your ERM strategy effectively.

Your roadmap to integrating ESG-ERM starts here

Our 3-step process is supported by our team of subject matter experts on ERM, climate and sustainability, as well as domain experts with in-depth risk knowledge across industries that is essential for risk scanning and discovery of risk ‘blind spots’ specific to your industry.

Marsh Asia’s 3-step ESG-ERM integration approach


For effective ESG-ERM integration, it is beneficial for organisations to partner with a trusted risk advisor as ESG and ERM functions are typically siloed, which may result in misalignment and missed opportunities to embed ESG risks, as well as overlook potential issues — such as the traceability of raw materials used and ethical labour practices, especially those with longer-term implications. With ESG risks managed as part of an integrated ERM program, organisations can use a common language to address their risk exposures and enhance resource allocation.

As there is no one-size-fits all approach to ESG-ERM integration, Marsh Asia’s guidance and recommendations are specifically tailored to your organisation’s risk appetite, management approach, and strategic outlook.

Why Marsh?

Marsh Asia excels in leveraging its deep industry and risk advisory expertise to accurately identify and assess physical climate risk and transition risk exposures and integrate ESG risks into ERM framework to deliver actionable insights and recommendations that enable your business to proactively manage, mitigate, and transfer these risks.

Embark on a successful ESG-ERM integration journey today.

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