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Claims Solutions - Major/Complex Loss

Claims are getting larger and more complicated. Successful claims do not happen by accident. We can manage them professionally and proactively from start to finish. Detailed claims preparation, exacting project management, tenacious negotiation, clear strategy, and diplomatic relationship management are all pivotal to achieving success. We will:

  • Provide a seamless integration between our claims preparation team and our technical claims strategists and negotiators. This combined offering will be tailored according to your individual needs.
  • Deploy the senior, expert resource that is best qualified to deliver the optimal outcome. Our team includes professionals with an unparalleled depth of expertise and experience, including: former chief claims officers, chartered loss adjusters, surveyors and forensic accountants, lawyers and investigation specialists, engineers from all disciplines, and global claims managers.
  • Provide strategic and technical advice throughout the period of the negotiations with insurers.
  • Offer you our observations on any lessons learned which might ensure that similar losses are avoided in the future.