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Blue[i] Analytics Solutions

Blue[i] is Marsh’s next-generation analytics suite of digital solutions that delivers our industry-leading data and actionable insights through an intuitive, interactive, and engaging platform, allowing you to make critical business decisions with confidence.

Our Blue[i] Analytics suite of solutions provides insights into risk identification, quantification, and design of programs that mitigate and finance risks to create economic value across the entire spectrum of risk, and provide you with real-time, customized insights into your risk financing options.

Our Blue[i] Analytics solutions:

  • Allow you to leverage our industry-leading data in an intuitive, interactive, and engaging way.
  • Take the complexity out of data analytics, modeling, and reporting.
  • Helps you better understand your risks and more strategically manage them.
  • Empowers you to make confident risk decisions and communicate them clearly.

Within the Blue[i] analytics ecosystem, you can review portfolio solutions, using Blue[i] Cost of Risk Analytics and Blue[i] Risk Finance Optimization Analytics. Or, drill down into mitigation and closure opportunities through Blue[i] Claims Analytics or a specific line of coverage with Blue[i] D&O Analytics, Blue[i] Property Analytics, or Cyber Analytics. You can also examine specialty Blue[i] solutions like Aviation and PEMA Analytics.

All of our Blue[i] analytics solutions integrate our industry-leading proprietary data, advanced digital technology, and innovative risk intelligence platform to deliver actionable insights. Using our Blue[i] analytics solutions, we help you evaluate evolving risk in real time, understand the impact of your program choices on cost, volatility, and efficiency, and allow you to examine the effect of line-of-coverage program choices against greater portfolio strategies.

And, our Blue[i] Analytics solutions are backed by Marsh’s unmatched team of specialists who, empowered with the solutions’ holistic view of risk, can partner with you to develop creative, custom solutions for your organization’s needs, helping you keep ahead of risk.

Our people

Raj	Lakhani

Raj Lakhani

International Practice Leader, Analytics Solutions

  • United Kingdom

LIz Walker

Liz Walker

Analytics Solutions Leader, US and Canada

  • United States