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Risk in Context Podcast: Maximizing the power of data-driven risk management

Organizations today generate and have access to extensive amounts of data.
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Organizations today generate and have access to extensive amounts of data. And when this information is properly analyzed, it can provide senior leaders, including risk managers, with critical insights that can aid decision-making processes to help organizations better identify and address both evolving and emerging risks.

Further, robust analytics can help risk managers identify patterns and trends, which can be crucial to uncovering potential risks and also potential opportunities. These insights can help businesses optimize their operations, improve efficiency, and gain a competitive advantage, while at the same time becoming more resilient.

In this episode of Risk in Context, Raj Lakhani, Analytics Solutions Leader for International within Marsh's Advisory team, speaks with Diego Montemurri, Head of Marsh's Advisory team in Italy, and Paolo Cova, Head of Enterprise Risk Management of the Italy-based Gruppo Iren. They discuss why a robust analytics program is critical for risk managers and how it can aid their decision-making processes. They also talk about how data-based insights can be used to gain support for proposed risk mitigation investments.

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Key takeaways

Well-analyzed data lays the foundation for critical insights

Data-driven insights help organizations better understand the current and evolving risk landscape, providing risk managers and other senior leaders with key information to prioritize risk-focused decisions and allocate resources effectively.

Robust analytics enables a more accurate risk evaluation

Well-analyzed data helps estimate the probability and potential impact of different risks with increased accuracy, allowing risk managers to make a more credible case for needed investments.

A strong data program facilitates risk mitigation decisions

An analytics-based risk strategy helps risk managers effectively communicate the potential risks that their organization is facing and may help secure board-level buy-in for investments to improve resilience.

About our speakers

Raj	Lakhani

Raj Lakhani

International Practice Leader, Analytics Solutions

  • United Kingdom

Raj Lakhani is the international practice leader for Analytics Solutions and is responsible for the distribution and adoption of analytics services across all regions. He is a qualified actuary and is Marsh’s Advisory specialist for the quantification of general insurance risks. Raj has also successfully established a practice for Middle East and Africa and contributed to building the team in the UK. He developed quantification tools across risk classes, including property damage, business interruption, liability, and cyber.

Diego Montemurri

Diego Montemurri

Head of Marsh Advisory, Italy

  • Italy

Diego Montemurri leads Marsh’s Advisory team in Italy. Based in Rome, he has more than 18 years of experience in supporting clients in the strategic management of risks through the implementation of a comprehensive risk management framework, risk quantification and modeling, as well as compliance and internal control systems. He has a deep knowledge of the infrastructure, power and utilities, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, and telecommunications industries.

Paolo Cova

Paolo Cova

Head of Enterprise Risk Management, Gruppo Iren

  • Italy

Paolo Cova is the head of the Enterprise Risk Management function within the Risk Management Department of Iren Group, one of the main Italian multi-utility companies. Based in Turin, Italy, he has been with Iren for 13 years, after working for a leading insurance company for several years. He also collaborates with the University of Turin and with the Luiss Business School in Rome, participating in lectures on issues related to risk management.

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