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From Incident to Resolution: Managing cyber claims successfully

Join us for a webinar where we delve into the world of cyber claims.

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In the ever-changing world of cybercrime, attack type trends are shifting, including ransomware attacks and encryptionless extortion.

Events have also highlighted risks in the IT supply chain, making it crucial for organizations to have an effective incident response plan.

In this webinar, we explore types of cyber incidents and the impact on cyber insurance and claims, and how they may affect your organization. We discuss the importance of cyber resiliency and incident management, critical steps to take if you experience a cyber attack, and the significance of involving the right experts promptly. We also share common coverage problems in cyber claims and how we can help resolve them.

Our speakers:
  • John Scordo – Managing Director, Cyber Claims Advocacy Leader, Marsh Specialty
  • Sherri Davidoff – CEO, LMG Security
  • Patrick Cannon – Head of Cyber Claims, Claims Solutions, Marsh Specialty

From Incident to Resolution: Managing cyber claims successfully

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