Business Interruption & Supply Chain

The complex nature of business today does not occur in a vacuum. Companies form part of interdependent networks with many internal and external stakeholders. As the business environment becomes increasingly interconnected and volatile, it’s important for you to have a comprehensive and up-to-date understanding of the risks to your everyday business operations and be prepared to manage them.

Business interruption can occur due to any number of factors, ranging from property damage caused by a major storm, machinery breakdowns, labor disputes, cyberattacks, and other risk events. Business interruption losses can range from reduced sales, to the increased cost of working due to the loss of a critical supplier, to the loss of future revenue streams from a disruptive event.

While business interruption is not a new risk phenomenon, companies still struggle to manage and accurately assess their risk exposures. This is due to operational and financial reasons and the vast amount of data that needs to be collected from across an organization.

Marsh’s business interruption specialists can provide you with data-backed insights into potential causes of business interruption, help you stress test your organization’s resilience, and develop effective risk transfer and management strategies. When the worst happens, our claims specialists can help with properly identifying your business interruption losses and costs, and then advocating for appropriate recovery from insurers.

Our team works with your company’s leadership and stakeholders to address and mitigate business interruption risks, ensuring you are positioned along a more stable road to success.