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Customized, innovative technology solutions to help organizations of all sizes better finance risk through captive insurance companies.

As the world’s leading captive manager, our Marsh Captive Solutions team differentiates itself with the development and deployment of innovative, proprietary software and processes. These solutions are designed by and for captive insurance professionals, with a staff of IT professionals, including a chief digital officer, who provide support and enhancements on a day-to-day basis.

Captive insurers are often domiciled in jurisdictions that are subject to unique legal and regulatory environments and in which the parent company has no other assets or operations. Robust internal controls are paramount. This requires preserved trails of documentation and workflow to assist with meeting the needs of auditors and regulators. These potentially complex financial and insurance entities need significant and flexible cashflow and underwriting reporting capabilities.

With the appropriate support and technology, owning and operating a captive can be made easier, more efficient, and more effective. Marsh Captive Solutions invests more than US$2 million annually in our captive management technology, driving innovation in the captive insurance sector. 

Our integrated technology platform is built upon three key pillars:

Global Captive Management System (GCMS)

The only insurance company administration system of its kind, designed exclusively for the captive insurance industry. GCMS empowers clients to grasp their data and analyze it within the context of their operations in a timely and efficient manner. Each year, GCMS processes more than 40,000 premiums and 87,000 claims transactions.

Service Tracking

Our proprietary and robust application that performs as a file storage and recovery system, a project management tool, and a business continuity system all rolled into one. With Service Tracking, Marsh captive management teams can store hundreds of thousands of documents for a client, with the agility to drill down and retrieve any single file in seconds.

A web-based, secure data-sharing tool that can provide captive owners with required customization, confidentiality, and reliability. It safely stores contact information for Marsh team members, third-party vendors, and stakeholders in one convenient location. Available 24/7 with real-time access from mobile devices.

These captive technology solutions are unique. Combined, they provide powerful and customized insights related to data analysis and reporting, benchmarking, operation workflow, international collaboration, business continuity, and more. Together, they constitute an unparalleled software suite.

Additionally, Marsh’s proprietary, groundbreaking Insurance Company as a ServiceSM (ICaaSSM) technology platform harnesses AI-powered know your client (KYC) technology, eliminating the need for lengthy paperwork and streamlining the licensing process. Our suite of ICaaS products focuses on digitization and ease of implementation, reducing administrative work and improving speed-to-market.

Marsh Captive Solutions — the world’s largest captive manager now incorporating AI into our technology platform — is committed to leading the way with technology, providing efficient, effective solutions. Our focus on innovation and our global team put Marsh at the forefront of captive insurance, leading the way as the space evolves.



An insurance solution that expands your possibiities by unleashing the power of risk finance.

To learn more about our powerful and easy-to-use captive technology, watch this video.