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Space Intelligence

Data and analytics tools for the space insurance industry enable your Marsh broker to predict, evaluate, and deliver optimal risk management and insurance results for your program.

Our proprietary space intelligence database is a combined database and data analytics tool that enables us to anticipate trends, evaluate placement strategies, and deliver quantifiable results for your space insurance program.

It captures comprehensive data from every Marsh space placement over the last 40+ years. We combine this data with publicly available information from a range of sources to create a robust dataset.

Additionally, we are able to analyse individual insurers within the satellite insurance market for their appetite across different risk profiles, as well as assess their competitiveness relative to the rest of the market. This insight can provide you with a head start in your negotiations with insurers.

Our robust dataset covers:
  • 300+ clients.
  • 115+ manufacturers.
  • Over 44 years’ Marsh space placement data.
  • 54 countries.