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How the insurance market views cross laminated timber

Despite cross-laminated timber (CLT) being used extensively in building projects across Europe for a number of years, its use in the UK has been relatively limited. As a result, the insurance market is still developing its experience of, and approach to, such risks.

Read our new White Paper on the subject where we look at this building material, including particular focus on:

  • How the insurance market is reacting to CLT against a challenging background of limited data and a series of large fire losses.
  • How construction companies should approach the market for the best results.
  • Information that insurers are likely to request before providing terms.
  • The extent to which CLT can be classed as sustainable and how it could play an important part in meeting UK Government net zero requirements, whilst attracting future investment.
  • The active role Marsh Specialty is playing in helping to define a code of practice for projects utilising such materials.

White paper

How the insurance market views cross laminated timber