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Protection and Indemnity (P&I)

Ship owners and operators look for responsive service and fair pricing when selecting their P&I providers.

Through our experienced team of specialists and our strong focus on data and analytics, we can help you navigate the P&I market. We broker P&I risks for clients across the whole International Group (IG) and fixed premium insurance marketplace.


of mutual tonnage entered with the international group of P&I clubs in 2024


years’ experience in the P&I market

What sets us apart?

The strength and depth of our highly experienced team and the personal service we provide our clients.

Our proprietary data and analytics tools provide ship owners and operators analysis and insight into the world of P&I insurance:

  • P&I rating engine: Provides an independent, fully modelled indication of a “fair” P&I premium for most types of P&I business that is arrived at by assessing realistic allocations to abatement and IG pool costs. This enables us to challenge club pricing models and empowers premium negotiations for our clients.
  • MarineSight P&I rate benchmarking: Allows you to compare yourself to the wider market.
  • Loss record and retention versus risk transfer analysis tools: Provide deeper insight into how you perform against the market and how different retention structures can affect your premiums.

Our thought leadership helps you stay ahead of risks and competitors. We regularly deliver analyses of critical issues facing ship owners and operators and circulate insights into the technical challenges of P&I insurance, including frequent market updates.

Our highly experienced P&I specialists - including qualified lawyers and a former P&I club chair - work hand-in-hand with our marine claims advocacy team to assist you as required, especially with large, complex or contentious claims, including those falling into the “grey areas” of P&I coverage.

P&I club update 2023: Approaching a tipping point?

What direction is the P&I market headed? How will the clubs respond to the changing competitive landscape?

In our latest P&I club update, our specialists analyse recently published financial results and consider whether the market sentiment will change heading into 2024.


P&I club defence cover: A comparative evaluation

P&I clubs offer differing levels of freight, demurrage, and defence (FD&D) coverage and service. Understanding those differences and being able to evaluate their impact on your business is vital. Our highly-experienced P&I specialists can help you make the right, informed choice.