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Risk in Context Podcast: Plotting a course through supply chain disruptions during peak seasons and beyond

As the maritime and logistics industry faces both evolving and emerging risks, there is an increased need for both short- and long-term planning to build a resilient supply chain infrastructure.

Stretched supply chains, changing consumer preferences, and a shift to online retail are putting increased pressure on marine, cargo, and logistics companies, which are integral in the delivery of items from their point of origin to end customers.

As the maritime and logistics industry faces both evolving and emerging risks, there is an increased need for both short- and long-term planning to build a resilient supply chain infrastructure. And this has to take place well ahead of peak seasons. But as global supply chains become increasingly interconnected and complex, they can be impacted by a growing number of challenges, requiring an agile approach to addressing risks and a strategy centred around enhancing resilience.

In this episode of Risk in Context, Marcus Baker, Marsh’s Global Head for Marine, Cargo, & Logistics, speaks with Janelle Griffith, the Leader of Marsh’s North American Logistics Practice, Dirk Segers, the Head of Marine, Cargo, & Logistics for Northwest Europe and Switzerland, and Thiago Gonçalves, the Head of Marine, Cargo, & Logistics for Latin America and the Caribbean. They discuss the evolution of the maritime and logistics ecosystem, the multiple challenges that are impacting global supply chains, and share opportunities and actions that risk managers and senior leaders should consider in order to build a more resilient and agile organization.

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Key takeaways

Building resiliency requires an agile mindset.

Mitigating the numerous challenges that can impact and potentially even derail today’s interconnected supply chains requires both short- and long-term planning ahead of peak months and the ability to remain agile in order to retain a competitive advantage.

Customer shifts introduce new challenges and opportunities.

Increased demand for short delivery times has led companies to store more products in warehouses to increase availability. This is leading to accumulation concerns and the need to purchase sufficient insurance to cover potential risks.

Visibility is integral to risk mitigation.

It is critical for logistics organizations to have clear visibility into their supply chain, well beyond the first tier, allowing them to identify and address potential risks. Technology is instrumental in improving visibility and allowing for early action.

About our speakers

Marcus Baker

Marcus Baker

Global Head, Marine, Cargo, & Logistics

  • United Kingdom

Marcus Baker is the Global Head of Marsh’s Marine, Cargo, & Logistics Practice, responsible for the business lines globally. He has more than 35 years’ experience in the industry, traveling extensively throughout the United States, Europe, Latin America, and Asia, and has been involved in all aspects of global marine and energy insurance. With a successful record of business production and development in these areas, he has been instrumental in developing innovative marine products and solutions placed in the London, European, and global insurance markets.

Dirk Segers

Dirk Segers

Head, Marine, Cargo, & Logistics, Northwestern Europe and Switzerland

  • Belgium

Dirk Segers is the Head of Marine, Cargo, & Logistics for Northwestern Europe and Switzerland and the Cargo and Logistics Leader for Europe, where he works with clients and prospects to provide them with the best solutions to address their risks. He joined Marsh in 1986 as a client executive and has held various positions with the company, during which time he specialized in designing and implementing complex insurance programs for multinational companies active in the maritime and logistics ecosystem. He was also instrumental in the creation and development of one of the major marine insurance operations in Continental Europe.

Thiago Gonçalves

Thiago Gonçalves

Head, Marine, Cargo, & Logistics, Latin America & The Caribbean

  • Brazil

Thiago Gonçalves is the Marine, Cargo, & Logistics Practice Leader for Marsh McLennan in Latin America and the Caribbean region. With close to 20 years of industry experience, he leads a team of specialists across 12 countries dedicated to providing insurance and reinsurance program solutions, risk diagnosis, and claim management for ports and terminals, shipping lines, and logistic operators. Prior to joining Marsh, he was the Marine & Cargo Leader for Brazil at JLT Specialty (part of Jardine Lloyd Thompson) in Brazil. 

Janelle Griffith

Janelle Griffith

Leader, North American Logistics Practice

  • United States

Janelle Griffith serves as the North American Logistics leader and is also a member of the global Marine, Cargo, & Logistics Practice. Based in New York, she primarily focuses on the logistics and cargo segments, serving as a resource in multiple areas, including insurance program design, strategic marketing and implementation, contractual risk transfer, and delivering innovative insurance solutions for Marsh clients.

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