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Risk and Insurance for Housing Providers

Looking at how Marsh can help you source and run an insurance scheme that is right for your tenants.

Protecting the UK's Social Housing Sector

Social housing providers are being challenged to operate in an unpredictable economic environment and against the backdrop of increased scrutiny from stakeholders – both internal and external – to demonstrate strong governance, robust auditable decision-making, and value for money. The need to reduce the total cost of an organisation’s risk has never been more acute. As the challenge to deliver cost efficiencies across your organisation heightens, you may become more vulnerable to unexpected risks and unbudgeted cost.

Marsh’s housing team can help you reduce these vulnerabilities and support you to reduce your total cost of risk. 

Marsh helps protect your organisation against these risks and vulnerabilities, and gives it the strength to withstand unforeseen events and budget challenges. As a specialist in housing insurance and risk management, we understand the sector in which you work and the unique and challenging exposures you face. Our risk assessment capabilities – backed by dynamic risk mapping – help you benchmark, quantify, and manage your financial and operational exposures.

Marsh's housing team has been working with the social housing sector, throughout the UK, for over 25 years. One of our key strengths is our people. We assign all our clients a dedicated service team made up of individuals who are specialists and will work with you to deliver a service that meets your needs, ensuring that your insurance, and risk requirements are fully met.

Tenant's Contents Insurance – Peace of Mind for All

Marsh also works closely with many social housing providers to deliver tenant contents insurance programmes that protects tenants and provides them with essential peace of mind. Marsh will work with you to ensure all your tenants are aware of the cover available and how best to access this protection.

Risk and Insurance for Housing Providers