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Outbreaks of viruses such as Coronavirus, Zika, avian influenza, and Ebola, bring to light an emerging threat that organisations should be prepared to address.

COVID-19 demonstrated just how severe a human tragedy and economic disaster a pandemic can be, as the unexpected crisis put a halt to nearly all business operations across the globe. Now, in the face of recovery, organizations, individuals, and businesses are looking toward the future.

Managing pandemic-related losses can be complex. As such, it's important to consider your unique risk factors and plan ahead to minimize damages in the event of a complete or partial loss of income. Understanding your coverage and having a clear continuity plan in place for business interruptions will help you along the path to stability.


The Practical Guide to Returning People to the Workplace Safely

As the economy begins to reopen, how confident are you in your organization’s readiness for bringing people back to work?

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One Year Into the Pandemic: Business Interruption Claims Best Practices

Since COVID-19, many businesses have suffered considerable financial losses and operational disruptions — and may soon face important deadlines in filing insurance claims.

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Risk Management

Regardless of which phase of the pandemic lifecycle we are in, an organisation’s people should be at the heart of its response strategy.