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Managing people risk

People-related risks have risen sharply up the boardroom agenda as a result of the single largest health crisis of our time. Prepare today to manage the risks impacting your workforce now and in the future.

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MMB People Risk 2024

As concurrent crises impact businesses and their workforces. Today's people risk landscape brings new concerns that were not previously seen as employee risks.

People risk practitioners, including HR and risk professionals, are struggling to address non-traditional and interacting risks like disruptive technologies, misinformation and disinformation, extreme weather events, and aging workforce and labor shortages, which are all impacting employee health and wellbeing. We wanted to help organizations better understand and manage the health of their businesses and their employees. So we sought opinion from over 4,500 hr, risk, finance and health and safety professionals.

We found that expectations from stakeholders are intensifying from leaders to employees. Risk management now needs to consider a broader ecosystem, including supply chains and communities in which businesses operate. We found that when HR and risk practitioners focus time, budget, and effort on addressing the five pillars of people risk, they can improve the health and resilience of their people and their businesses. With an even stronger partnership between HR and risk, the more effective they will be. Take a proactive, predictive and disciplined approach to people risk management. It's time to invest in your people and protect your business. Download our free reports today.

Managing people risk

When HR and risk professionals work together, they can mitigate people risks linked to cyber threats, new legislation, employee safety and the changing nature of work. Prepare today to manage the risks impacting your workforce now and in the future.

Understanding and evaluating dynamic people risk factors is a top priority for business leaders who want to turn vulnerabilities into strengths. Employee health and benefits plans can be used strategically to manage a range of threats, while helping protect your workforce and improve business performance.

Helping you overcome your greatest challenges

It’s never been more urgent to tackle people risk management.

Organizations can no longer simply react to unfolding events. Instead, they should build on the lessons learned from the pandemic and put in place a strong foundation that will allow them to thoroughly anticipate and mitigate risks.

Never before has it been so crucial that HR and risk management break down silos and work together to protect, equip, and motivate this critical asset.

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The pandemic pushed the health and safety of employees and society as a whole to the foreground. 87% of HR and risk professionals now believe health and safety is a serious threat to business.


*All statistics cited are from Mercer Marsh Benefits People Risk 2022 report.

78% of firms see governance and financial risks as a serious threat. As the requirements related to total rewards management become increasingly complex, businesses must work to ensure they are being compliant, prudent and fair.


*All statistics cited are from Mercer Marsh Benefits People Risk 2022 report.

Accelerated digitization is pushing digital risks, including cybersecurity and the impacts of automation and AI, to the forefront. Indeed, cybersecurity and data privacy is the top people risk facing businesses today.


*All statistics cited are from Mercer Marsh Benefits People Risk 2022 report.

78% of firms say that talent practices risks are a threat, with the changing nature of work – from the rise of hybrid working to globalization – the top concern.


*All statistics cited are from Mercer Marsh Benefits People Risk 2022 report.

The increasing cost of health, risk protection and well-being benefits is a top-10 priority for businesses across the globe, Employers are facing challenges with factors such as medical inflation and a reduced insurer appetite for risk, while claims are becoming more frequent and longer in duration.


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Cost management

*All statistics cited are from Mercer Marsh Benefits People Risk 2022 report.

Environmental and social risks now make up a fifth of the top 10 people risks. Organizations are under increasing pressure from customers, employees and investors to address inequalities, remove disparities and combat climate change.


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How Mercer Marsh Benefits can help

Helping you manage your people risks

Use our insights and analysis to help you understand your workforce-related exposures and stay ahead of the curve on employee health and benefits risks.

Understand your people-related risks

Use our 25 people risks that we’ve grouped into five categories to identify, prioritize, and manage the threats that are most pertinent to you.

Measure your exposures

Measure and quantify your exposures with our proprietary employee health and benefits risk assessment tools, enabling you to focus on data-led decision making.

Manage the threats to your workforce

Take advantage of our innovative insurance solutions and risk management services, and tailor them for your unique employee health and benefits risk profile.