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Captive Financial Benchmarking

Marsh provides a customized captive benchmarking service for any organization wishing to benchmark its captive usage, strategy, and performance against its peers and other organizations in the same industry.

In addition, by using 11 key ratios, we offer financial benchmarking of a captive’s performance to determine if a captive has the capacity to write more business and benchmark the financial performance of their captive against other captive owners.

Risk management executives who use captives need to know how their captives are performing. Benchmarking is a key tool in evaluating and optimizing captive performance, enabling captive users to answer several questions: How can my captive deliver more value? What are others doing with their captives? How can I make better use of this asset?

Using more than 125,000 data points, Marsh Captive Solutions can help you answer these questions through our global benchmarking portal. Our 550+ global colleagues can assist you with comparing your own program against others in the same or similar industries. Or you can compare by region, or company size to ensure your captive program is delivering the best value for your organization. We can also build custom benchmarking reports for your specific captives, showing how they match up against your peers.

As the leading captive solutions provider, with more than 1,500 clients writing more than $70 billion in premium, we can provide insights that enable you to improve captive efficiency, identify additional areas of potential coverage, and provide data-backed recommendations to the C-suite.

Key Features of the Portal

With our new benchmarking portal, Marsh Captive Solutions colleagues can provide you with:

  • Key benchmarking metrics with industry reports.
  • Printable “placemat” reports that can be used with your management teams.
  • Tables, graphs, and charts for presentations and board meetings.
  • Comparison of your profile data against your industry.
  • Comparison of your financial data and ratios against industry averages.
  • Data that has been filtered precisely based on any custom questions needed from the benchmarking data.
  • Insights on variances against the Marsh Captive Ratio Analysis (MACRA) model.
  • Evaluation and interpretation on all of the above to help you improve the value of your captive.

Company Confidentiality in the Portal

Client confidentiality is of the utmost importance. Here are some of the ways Marsh Captive Solutions’ benchmarking team protects your information:

  • Data access restrictions prevent unauthorized access.
  • Benchmarking reports and analysis require a minimum of three peers, ensuring clients a level of anonymity.

One-in-four captives worldwide are managed by Marsh. Is your company among those taking full advantage of the opportunities captives afford?