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Shareholder activist protection insurance

Shareholder activist protection insurance, developed by Volante in conjunction with Marsh UK, is the world’s first shareholder activism insurance solution.

Shareholder activism is booming in the UK, with high-profile, well-funded campaigns frequently making headlines in the financial press. Activists are buying up stakes in targets and then using their position as shareholders to exploit weaknesses in companies and demand corporate change, often as a means of leveraging return. Dealing with these campaigns can prove exceptionally expensive for target companies and to date, there have been no available solutions to avoid these costs.

Shareholder activist protection insurance (SAPI), developed by Volante in conjunction with Marsh in the UK, is the world’s first shareholder activism insurance solution. Created to protect companies against legal and other costs when faced with shareholder attacks, it also provides an allowance for expert risk management and pre-loss services to identify potential vulnerabilities to activist campaigns. SAPI is designed for listed UK companies outside the FTSE 100.

Insurance protection

SAPI is designed to cover the legal, PR, and other professional costs incurred during an activist campaign from receipt of the initial demand, through any proxy fight, and to the conclusion of an activist settlement, including:


The reasonable costs and expenses of investigating, mitigating, and responding to activist demands, including, legal, PR, and other professional/consulting costs, together with proxy advisory costs.

Pre-loss mitigation

5% of annual premium can be invested into mitigation services offered by Volante’s mitigation partners.


Emergency costs and court attendance costs.


For non-public campaigns, proxy fights, emergency costs, and court attendance costs.

For more information on shareholder activist protection insurance, including information on exclusions and limitations, please download the brochure:

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