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Sound corporate governance principles, acting with integrity, and maintaining the trust of our shareholders are among our most important values and practices at Marsh.

The information contained within the Marsh public website is based on sources we believe reliable and should be understood to be general risk management and insurance information only. The information is not intended to be taken as advice with respect to any individual situation and cannot be relied upon as such.

Statements concerning legal, tax or accounting matters should be understood to be general observations based solely on our experience as insurance brokers and risk consultants and should not be relied upon as legal, tax or accounting advice, which we are not authorized to provide.

Annual Reports & Meetings

Marsh's global financial results are available on the Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. ("MMC") website, where you can find a summary of the latest news, financial data, shareholder information, annual financial statements, and the Investor Relations page.

Company Information

Marsh, S.A. Mediadores de Seguros Correduría de Seguros y Reaseguros ("Marsh") has its registered office at Paseo de la Castellana, No. 216, 28046 Madrid, and its tax identification number is A-81332322. It is registered in the Mercantile Register of Madrid under Volume 10,248, Book: 0, Folio: 160, Section: 8, Page: M-163304, Entry: 1. Additionally, it is registered in the Register of the Directorate General of Insurance and Pension Funds under code no. J-0096 (Insurance Brokerage) and code no. RJ-0010 (Reinsurance Brokerage). Marsh has obtained Civil Liability and Surety Insurance in compliance with the applicable insurance distribution regulations.

Marsh is a wholly owned subsidiary of MMC, a global professional services firm offering clients advice and solutions in the areas of risk, strategy, and people. MMC also include global leaders Guy CarpenterMercer, and Oliver Wyman.

Handling of Complaints

We are committed to delivering excellent service and greatly value the opinions of our clients. We handle all complaints efficiently, effectively, and fairly. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority.

You can submit your complaints or claims to our Customer Care Services, located at Paseo de la Castellana, 216, Madrid (28046), or to any of our publicly accessible offices. You may also send them via email to

If you are not satisfied with the resolution provided by our Customer Care Service, you have the right to contact the relevant administrative body for insurance matters, the Directorate General for Insurance and Pension Funds. You can reach them through the following link: It is important to demonstrate that you have previously filed a complaint or claim with Marsh's Customer Care Service Department.

Our complaint handling procedures are designed in compliance with the requirements and guidelines set by our regulatory authority. These procedures outline the process we follow when you have valid grounds for a complaint.

If you would like more information about Marsh's Customer Care Service Rules, we encourage you to refer to the following link: Customer Service Rules. We recommend reviewing this document to gain a detailed understanding of how we handle complaints and what you can expect during the complaint resolution process.

At Marsh, we strive to uphold high standards of customer service and value your feedback. We are dedicated to resolving any concerns or complaints efficiently, effectively, and fairly. If you have any further questions or require assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to your usual Marsh contact or utilize the contact channels provided above.

Our Whistleblower Protection Policy

At Marsh we strictly comply with current legislation and are committed to safeguarding the identities and ensuring the protection of whistleblowers who wish to report potential irregularities within our organization. These irregularities pertain to serious or very serious criminal or administrative violations of Spanish or European Union laws, of which the whistleblowers are aware. We understand and appreciate the value and significance of your contributions in fostering a culture of integrity and transparency.

To facilitate this process, we have established a Whistleblower Protection Policy that aims to provide a secure and confidential channel of communication. If you wish to report any wrongdoing, we invite you to review the policy document provided through the following link: Whistleblower Protection Policy. We are committed to conducting thorough investigations for each report we receive. Please note that, in accordance with our policy, all reports will be handled with confidentiality, and we will take appropriate measures to protect the identity of whistleblowers to the fullest extent permitted by law.

We appreciate your trust and your contribution to the establishment of a strong and ethical business culture. Together, we strive to uphold the highest standards of conduct and foster a transparent and honest working environment.

Terms of Engagement

The specific terms and conditions governing the services provided by Marsh are outlined in the terms of engagement, and occasionally in a personalized service level agreement. Prior to entering into a contract with Marsh, clients are provided with a copy of these documents.

Please be aware that the applicable conditions may vary depending on the country in which you conduct business and the specific services you are offered. If you would like to receive another copy of the conditions that pertain to your situation, please contact us or your local Marsh representative.