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2022 Marsh and Microsoft global cyber risk survey

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At Marsh, our goal is to help organizations make smarter, economically-driven investment decisions in cyber risk.

In exchange for 12 minutes of your time to participate in our joint 2022 Global Cyber Risk Survey with Microsoft, you will be able to sign up for an exclusive preview of the survey’s actionable insights ahead of our broader distribution efforts early in Q1 2022.

If participation is similar to our last survey, you’ll be able to learn how 1,500+ other leaders from around the world:

  • Bridge organizational and cultural gaps between their financial, risk, legal, and IT / IS functions to strategically manage cyber risk;
  • Assess the risk of cyberattacks;
  • Better understand the impact of future cyberattacks;
  • Secure the proper insurance coverage;
  • Efficiently manage the response to a cyberattack; and
  • Ensure continuity in business operations during or after a cyberattack.

All survey responses will be de-identified, aggregated, and treated in strict confidence.

Thank you in advance for your participation – and joining us to increase cyber risk awareness and resiliency.