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Cyber Incident Management

Fully customisable cyber incident management services to help you prepare, respond, and recover efficiently and resiliently from cyber incidents.

Cyber incident management preparation is of the utmost importance in today’s world of risk. Preparation helps ensure that an organisation’s cyber incident response is efficient and effective. In addition, most cyber insurers now require organisations to demonstrate cyber response readiness during the underwriting process to determine the appropriate scope of insurance coverage. 

Marsh is available to support and enhance an organisation’s unique cyber preparation, response, and recovery needs. Our cyber incident management leaders have years of frontline experience managing a large volume and a variety of cyber incidents from end-to-end, The team works hand-in-hand with organisations to build and maintain incident management programs tailored to organisational structure, industry, pre-existing partnerships, and the threat landscape. 

Meet our team

Florian Sattler

Florian Sattler

Head of Cyber Incident Management, Continental Europe