General Services Provisions

These General Services Provisions, hereafter “the Agreement”, define the general contractual framework of relations between MARSH and its Client (here after “the Parties”).

The Client has decided to use the services of an insurance professional able to supply it with the traditional services of an insurance broker.

The Client has appointed MARSH to provide services as defined hereafter, related to the placing and the management of insurance contracts (hereafter “Contract(s)”) that the client has decided to assign to MARSH, and to Client related claims.

MARSH is an insurance brokerage company governed by French law and governed by the Insurance Code. MARSH is registered under number: 07.001.037, with the French Organisation for the Registration of Insurance Brokers (ORIAS), (

MARSH is controlled by the French Prudential Control and Resolution Authority ACPR (“Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution”), located at 4 place de Budapest, CS92459, 75436 Paris Cedex 09 (

MARSH holds a financial guarantee and professional liability insurance in accordance with articles L.512-6 and L.512-7 of the French Insurance Code.

MARSH warrants that it is authorized to offer insurance operations and undertakes to meet all the conditions required by laws and regulations in respect of the exercise of its profession (in particular honourability, professional capacity, civil liability insurance and financial guarantee), to be registered with ORIAS to renew its registration annually, and to update it whenever necessary.

MARSH undertakes, for the duration of the Agreement, to meet these requirements at all times and to produce the required documents each year to certify its approval and the renewal of the civil liability insurance and financial guarantee, in application of articles L. 512-6 and L. 512-7 of the French Insurance Code.

MARSH also undertakes to ensure that its personnel who provides insurance operations meets the conditions of honourability and professional capacity required by the regulation and to comply with the requirements for continuous training and professional development, in order to maintain an adequate level of performance and comply with applicable regulations.

MARSH operates in compliance with the provisions contained in article L. 521-1, III and makes a recommendation service based on an impartial and personalised analysis of the market.

There is no direct ownership relationship or capitalistic link between MARSH and an insurance company. MARSH certifies that it not compelled by any exclusivity obligation with one or more insurance companies and that it did not record more than one-third of its turnover from distribution activities with any of them in the previous year.