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With over 30 years of experience, Marsh can help you create an affinity insurance programme that will make a difference to your audience

For affinity partners, trade associations, and franchises, finding new ways to capture growth and reduce risk for members is a key component of success.

Whether you oversee a global corporation or a smaller enterprise, creating an affinity group insurance scheme can help you offer new value while attracting more business. An affinity group insurance scheme provides greater control over risk management and the ability to capture new cost efficiencies, reduce claims frequency, and improve member safety.

Although the benefits are clear, many organizations lack the time, resources, or internal expertise needed to manage a successful affinity group insurance program. At Marsh, we will help design, implement, and support a full range of insurance and risk management solutions built around the needs of your own members.

The Affinity and Special Risks division in France has three departments. The first one is the Affinity Solutions department which aims at building guarantees as a complement to an existing product or service. The second department is dedicated to regulated professions, medical professions and professional services, to meet all the insurance needs of those professionals including liability. Finally, the third one is the Special Risks. This last one is dedicated to sports, entertainment and audiovisual sectors.

The Affinity and Special Risks division covers the complete insurance value chain: consulting and auditing, negotiation and placement, and contracts and claims management. All of these operations are managed in a unique way, as close as possible to the client and his concerns.

Because our clients are our greatest source of inspiration, most of our insurance products are adapted. Therefore, Marsh knows how to combine the fundamental business of insurance brokerage with additional services and support: actuarial analyses, trainings for clients, return of experience, taskforce for any major claim, brainstorming sessions...

At Marsh, we have dedicated teams with an international presence focused on designing, delivering, and promoting affinity insurance schemes that fit your needs, a market-leading proposition, and a user experience that sits perfectly with your organisation’s brand, culture, and values.

Each of these three departments has a committed and experienced team in its sector.

Watch the demo to see how we can improve your buyer journey via embedded insurance.


Affinity insurance offers pricing stability, insurance coverage stability, and improved services.

A cost-effective insurance scheme, designed exclusively around the interest of your customers, members, or franchisees, can help you pursue your own business objectives and enhance the reputation of your company or organisation. By providing this added value, you can strengthen relationships, helping you attract and retain loyal members.

A new affinity insurance scheme can also create an additional income stream for your business by introducing a structure that pays commission to you.

When creating a scheme that directly benefits members of your affinity group, it's crucial to consider any membership requirements and any other unique considerations, business protections, and pricing.

After deciding to form an affinity insurance scheme, you’ll need a captive manager to lead the process.

At Marsh, we can help you set up an affinity insurance scheme tailored to the unique risk needs of your potential insureds. By understanding the threats you and your affiliates face within the context of your business, we gain insight that helps us define the risks to be covered and create a solution tailored to your specific risk profile.

Our experienced team will work with you to define, design, and deliver the right products for your affinity group members.

As one of the world's leading risk and insurance advisory specialists, the construction, management, and piloting of affinity insurance programmes is a key aspect of our business. We create and negotiate the offers that deliver the best conditions, guarantees, and prices on the basis of the characteristics that suit you, your end customers, or your members. By partnering with Marsh, you gain a team of specialists that help you free up time for your workers and members focus on their main mission.

We can also mix insurance offers with assistance guarantees, which are often appreciated by end customers.

After analysing your strategy, your existing offers and your customer portfolio, we will build together the insurance program adapted to your situation. We will survey the market for the best-positioned insurer to carry the risk at the right cost. We can, for example, offer insurance for mobile products, travel or rental guarantees, and payment protection insurance.

Our people

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Olivier Porte

Head of Affinity and Special Risks

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