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Sponsored programmes

Marsh can help your trade association or business meet its needs and objectives with innovative sponsored programme solutions that offer multiple benefits to your organisation and its members.

A bespoke insurance programme for a trade association or business is able to cover the needs of members, franchisees, or customers, help open up new revenue streams, and strengthen existing relationships, while helping retain and attract new business.

At Marsh, one of the world’s leading insurance brokers and risk advisors, we have the experience and insight to create market-leading sponsored programme propositions that add value to your offerings and enhance your brand. We take the time to understand your vision for your organisation and your members. We then use our knowledge and market relationships to create a programme that helps get you there.

Our industry-leading advisors are able to offer you integrated digital solutions that will create a smooth customer experience for your end users, while enhancing your brand and customer satisfaction. Our team of specialists also ensure that your bespoke sponsored programmes are fully compliant with applicable international, regional, and national regulations and legislation.


After analysing your strategy, your existing offers and your customer portfolio, we will build together the insurance program adapted to your situation. We will survey the market for the best-positioned insurer to carry the risk at the right cost. We can, for example, offer insurance for mobile products, travel or rental guarantees, and payment protection insurance.

Any type of group where certain purchases are pooled or certain services are offered to members and subscribers is eligible for insurance solutions.

The expertise and agility of our teams allow us to meet the insurance needs of many sectors: central purchasers of health products, fast food professionals, e-platform traders, and association of medical or paramedical professionals, among others.

The head of the group, for example, will be able to promote to its members and subscribers insurance solutions that meet the specific needs of the profession represented.

As one of the world’s leading risk and insurance advisory specialists, the construction, management, and piloting of affinity insurance programmes is a key aspect of our business. We create and negotiate the offers that deliver the best conditions, guarantees, and prices on the basis of the characteristics that suit you, your end customers, or your members. By partnering with Marsh, you gain a team of specialists that help you free up time for your workers and members focus on their main mission.

We can also mix insurance offers with assistance guarantees, which are often appreciated by end customers.

The success of an insurance programme depends on various parameters such as guarantees adapted to your needs, pricing, and the right customer journey. It is also important that your offer is immediately understandable to end users.

We can carry out a free, no obligation audit, to give you an external and professional opinion on your programme.

The distribution of insurance products is a regulated activity, in particular by the EU’s Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD).

At Marsh, we understand and monitor various legal frameworks and regulations to help you ensure that your insurance offers are distributed safely and in compliance with the rules.

As insurance specialists, we offer all types of training, from the basics to the most advanced insurance. We train your staff so that they can better understand the insurance offer and present it to your end customers with full knowledge and confidence.

Our goal is to be as close as possible to your needs so that you can improve your skills.

We provide clients with an email address and, if applicable, a claims online solution that they can use to report their claim.

Our claims management experts handle the claim with professionalism, within the deadlines that we will have set together. Once the claim handled, a satisfaction survey is sent to the clients. The aggregated results are shared with you during our joint steering committee.

Marsh has the technical capability to offer ‘turnkey’ membership paths that integrate with existing sales websites. Our technical and sales teams are at your disposal to build a membership path that fits perfectly into your sales journey and will maximise the number of members.

We are able to offer you integrated digital solutions for an optimized customer experience.

The sale of insurance coverage is indeed a way for your company to generate additional revenue. We will work with you to determine the appropriate level of compensation, respecting the regulatory framework, consumer protection and your aspirations.