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Political Risk Report

Your guide to navigating the political and economic risk landscape in 2024.

With the biggest election year in history unfolding, are you prepared? The geopolitical climate is filled with uncertainties that could have impacts on your strategy and operations.  

The Political Risk Report is your guide to confidently navigate the risks and opportunities despite the unpredictable nature of the 2024 political and economic environment.

Drawing upon our comprehensive analysis of 197 countries and territories, this report provides you with a succinct summary of the most crucial information to know for 2024.

Use this report to:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the risk trends that may impact your operations and bottom line.
  • Make informed decisions about expanding your business into new regions or markets.
  • Identify potential risks and opportunities that may impact your employees, assets, and supply chain. 
  • Learn the actions you and your organization can take now to build and maintain resilience.

Report FAQs

What are political risks and are they insurable?
Political risk is the probability of disruption to operations caused by political events occurring in-country or by changes in the international environment. Political risk insurance (PRI) can provide indemnity from government actions in any country where you have operations, assets, contracts, or investments, that lead to monetary losses. Learn more about The Cost and Benefits of Political Risk Insurance.

What is the Political Risk Report?

The Political Risk Report delivers crucial insights on the dynamic geopolitical and macroeconomic risks heightened by systemic shifts. It underscores the imperative for multinational corporations to bolster their capabilities in recognizing, preparing for, and mitigating the unforeseen challenges driven by evolving geoeconomic frameworks, climate change, and significant global events like dozens of elections worldwide. 

Who should read the Political Risk Report?
The Political Risk Report 2024 is essential reading for risk leaders involved in strategic planning and risk management in a global context. You’ll gain knowledge to help you anticipate potential disruptions, enabling strategic planning and risk mitigation efforts that safeguard your organization's interests in an increasingly volatile world. 

What makes this year’s Political Risk Report unique compared to previous years?
With its unprecedented focus on the impact of a record number of global elections (over 60 countries representing at least 40% of the global GDP), the emerging risks of artificial intelligence in political processes, and the intricate dynamics of macroeconomic transitions and climate change policies, this report equips you with the insights necessary to navigate current and future uncertainties.

How extensive is the research behind the Political Risk Report?
The report integrates data from over 200 international indices across 197 countries, and takes into consideration the geopolitical shifts that have accelerated in recent years, contributing to an increase in conflict risk and a doubling of the number of conflicts worldwide since 2005.

How can the report help me in my role as a risk leader?
As a risk leader, the Political Risk Report 2024 is an indispensable resource for understanding the nuanced and evolving challenges your organization faces in today’s complex geopolitical and macroeconomic landscape. This report is designed to guide operational planning as global politics, trade, and finance undergo transformations, unveiling both challenges and opportunities.  

How can I access previous year's reports?
You can access the last two versions of the report here: Political Risk Report 2023 and Political Risk Report 2022