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Sports programmes

We offer sports federations, leagues, clubs, organisers of sports events, and athletes, both traditional and e-sports, comprehensive insurance and risk management solutions.

Sports teams and organisations, as well as individual athletes, face numerous risks related to major events and matches, including liability, cancellation guarantees, personal protection, cyber , and property risk, among others.

Depending on your needs, we are able to develop within a short timeframe insurance solutions delivered through digital tools, in particular online subscription tools. We can also provide you with other support solutions such as dedicated telephone lines and email addresses. In case of a claim, we dedicate the required resources to its management and resolution. We provide you with the responsiveness you need to focus on getting your business back on track.

Our industry-leading advisors are able to offer you integrated digital solutions that will create a smooth customer experience for your end users while enhancing your brand and customer satisfaction. Our team of specialists design tailor-made insurance programmes.


Our insurance solutions are aimed at all sports professionals, including national or international sports federations, associations, professional leagues, professional and amateur sports clubs, sports event organisers, and amateur and professional athletes. Marsh’s team of experienced specialists is used to dealing with the unique risk and challenges faced by the sports industry and in obtaining appropriate insurance coverage for your specific circumstances.

Sports professionals are often faced with liability risk. Marsh proposes insurance coverage and contract language that meets all the obligations of these regulations, covers the costs of financial losses incurred due to an event or match cancellation, and helps protect you from many forms of growing and evolving cyber risk.

Event cancellation insurance covers financial losses following the cancellation of an event due to unforeseen circumstances such as terrorist attacks, bad weather, strikes, popular movements, and epidemics, among others.

It is important to pay attention to the inception date, which is essential because only events occurring after this date are covered.

Marsh is an industry leader in cyber risk and cancellation coverage, both threats to any e-sports event. Contact a member of our experienced team to find out what coverage would best suit you and how we can help protect your interests.