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Global Risks Report Podcast: European Conversations

How rising inflation and the cost of living crisis is impacting how businesses operate

A conversation between David Wreford, Partner at Mercer and Andrew Pilbeam, Global Head of Total Reward at Ericsson.
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A conversation between David Wreford, Partner at Mercer and Andrew Pilbeam, Global Head of Total Reward at Ericsson.

The conversation began with Andrew giving a brief overview of Ericsson, their history and how they have evolved with the times. He states that Ericsson’s vision is “a world where limitless connectivity improves lives, redefines business, and pioneers of sustainable future.” A grand goal but one that looks more in focus following the changes how businesses are operating following the COVID-19 pandemic.

People risks were identified in the Global Risks Report 2023 as an increasing priority for organisations, Ericsson relies heavily on its workforce to be innovative, this requires their employees to be happy and motivated if they are going to be as productive as possible. Andrew shared a few ways they accomplish this while remaining aligned to their organisational goals, “we also do a lot of work on the culture transformation, the employee experiences that we offer, we're rolling out global well-being programmes, recognition programmes, a share purchase programme, there are volunteering programmes, all of those things go into how we build our culture and again it's how do you make the environment around you more of recognising, appreciating but also giving people the sense of satisfaction from the organisation.” 

You can hear more of the insight he offers by listening to the podcast embedded below.

Carolina Klint is Marsh McLennan Chief Commercial Officer for Europe and Global Risks Report spokesperson. She is responsible for delivering services and solutions to Marsh’s largest national and multinational clients. Carolina has more than 20 years of international and leadership experience.

David Wreford is Partner at Mercer. Currently studying for his PhD at King’s College London David has over 35 years’ experience in HR consulting and management. 

Andrew Pilbeam is Global Head of Total Reward at Ericsson. An expert in the area of performance and reward with over 20 years’ experience in the industry Andrew in an experienced operator with a deep understanding of the issues being discussed.

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