The bus sector in the UK is undergoing a period of great change, while urban populations are increasing; calls to cut congestion and improve air quality are growing. Buses help millions of people every day connect with friends and family as well as accessing education, employment, health and leisure facilities. Operators are working to attract new passengers while new legislation will alter the regulatory framework. With the increasing adoption of technologies for autonomous driving, the industry is moving to a new operating model.

Marsh's Transportation Practice provides the deep expertise needed to manage today’s risks and to identify those that are on the horizon. Using industry-leading analytics and benchmarking tools, which provide a holistic view of risk across an organisation, our risk practice and consulting teams can help you move beyond simply managing risk to unlocking opportunity.

We understand that passenger transport companies face the potential for frequent and severe loss which may impact operations and income. We can work with you to create the most effective way of handling those losses:  claims audit for the early identification of claims trends, increasing the potential for effective loss control, policy wording audit to identify gaps/overlaps in cover, risk management to develop an improving claims experience, and in helping you defend a claim in the event of a large or more complex loss.