Risk in Context Podcast: Preparing for and responding to tropical storms

Tropical storms — whether hurricanes, typhoons, or cyclones — can bring significant destruction as affected regions are hit by heavy rain, strong winds, or extreme flooding.

Palm trees blowing in the wind and rain as a hurricane approaches a tropical island coastline

Tropical storms — whether hurricanes, typhoons, or cyclones — can bring significant destruction as affected regions are hit by heavy rain, strong winds, or extreme flooding. The potential devastation requires organizations to take action to prepare for the potential impact of severe storms to their people, their properties, or their supply chain.

In this episode of Risk in Context, Rob Powell, Marsh’s Global Chief Claims Officer, and Mike Rouse, Marsh’s US Property Practice Leader, discuss the actions that business leaders should be taking to prepare for storms, practices that should be put in place to aid recovery, and how companies can streamline a claims process. Arti Chopra, managing consultant, Strategic Risk Consulting Group within Marsh's Advisory, discusses the importance of building resiliency both ahead of and during tropical storm season and acting on lessons learned.

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Key takeaways

Take a people-first approach.

When a storm is approaching, take actions to protect your people and continue to prioritize their wellbeing during and after a storm. The way you treat them may determine the speed of your recovery and continue paying dividends well beyond.

Consider the wide-ranging impact of storms.

Storms can lead to significant property damage, but may also affect your suppliers and other partners and impact your operations. Consider the potential of surge pricing and how it could impact your rebuilding efforts.

Prepare for potential losses before they happen.

Time is of essence following a major loss. Take action to understand the claims process well before a loss takes place to help streamline the recovery and rebuild process.

About our speakers

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Rob Powell

Global Chief Claims Officer

Rob Powell is Marsh’s Global Chief Claims Officer, responsible for managing the most complex global client relationships and engagements for Marsh’s claims team. His experience covers a number of technical disciplines and includes managing some of the world’s largest claims. Prior to joining Marsh in 2014, Rob was an independent international loss adjuster for more than 20 years.

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Michael Rouse

US Property Practice Leader, Marsh

Based in New York City, Michael Rouse is the leader of Marsh’s US Property Practice. His responsibilities include overseeing all property placements in the US for both global risk management and corporate brokerage segments. In addition to his management responsibilities, he is directly involved in the development, design, and placement of domestic and global insurance programs for several Fortune 1000 companies and public entity clients.

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Arti Chopra

Managing Consultant, Strategic Risk Consulting, Marsh's Advisory

Arti Chopra is the Crisis Management and Business Resilience Lead at Marsh's Advisory in Asia, here she supports clients in building resilience through maturity assessments, plan development, tailored trainings, and exercises. She has over 11 years of experience in response and in-house advisory focusing on incident management, environmental preparedness, and crisis management, including developing response strategies, policies, and competent teams for effective response. 

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