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Clients trust Marsh to help them thrive and survive. Our executive officers bring expertise, insight, and experience to the business of running a multifaceted, global operation.

Global leadership

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Pat Donnelly

President, Marsh Specialty and Global Placement

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David L. Eslick

Chairman and CEO of Marsh McLennan Agency

Linda Foppiano

Linda Foppiano

Chief Human Resources Officer

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Hans Van Heukelum

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

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Flavio Piccolomini

President, Marsh International

Louis Piliego

Louis Piliego

Chief Operating Officer

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Mikhail Vanyo

Marsh General Counsel

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Keith Walsh

Head of Global Business FP&A & Marsh Finance

Regional leadership

Christos Adamantiadis

Christos  Adamantiadis

CEO Marsh McLennan Europe

Cristiano Dalgrosso

Cristiano Dalgrosso

Head of Consumer and Commercial Europe

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Nick Holmes

Head of Global Placement

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Olaf Keller

Head of Corporate and Sales, Managing Director

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Carolina Klint

Risk Management Leader, Europe, Marsh

Nilay Ozden

Nilay Ozden

Head of Marsh Specialty Europe

Maurizio	Quintavalle

Maurizio Quintavalle

Europe Leader, Marsh Advisory

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Goedele Van der Linden

Chief Counsel

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Lynne Von Wistinghausen

Head, Operations & Technology

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Tony Wood

Senior Partner, Region Leader & Managing Director