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Marine, cargo, and logistics trends report 2023

The report that explores four seismic shifts affecting the maritime and logistics ecosystem, and the impacts on risk management.

With rapidly-changing global trends affecting the industry, do you know the risk and insurance implications on your business?

Download the Marine, cargo, and logistics trends report to find out. 

Understanding the importance and impact of geopolitics, sustainability agendas, technological advances, and the subsequent changing workforce — while factoring in further uncertainties — can help organizations take the actions needed to plan strategically for the future and retain a competitive advantage.

By downloading the report, you will get:

  • A risk and insurance view of four seismic shifts impacting marine, cargo, and logistics organizations.
    Get up to speed quickly on the challenges and the implications for risk leaders like you.

  • Helpful resources and practical tips.
    Split into chapters covering ESG, geopolitics, digitalization, and workforce strategies, discover practical tips on maintaining productivity and profitability while managing, and adapting to, supply chain risks and opportunities.
  • Knowledge and understanding from our experience helping organizations like yours.
    Supported by colleagues across Marsh McLennan, we bring extensive insights into how organizations can build effective risk management strategies.