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Managing people risks in your organization: Top 3 ways to managing people risks

Learn more about the top 3 ways to managing people risks in your organization.

Top 3 ways to managing people risks


Drive behavioral change by engaging with people using strong leadership and effective culture and support programs. Consider how you will monitor engagement and adoption, and how you will adjust your mitigation strategies as needed.


Make cybersecurity awareness training a priority - human errors can be reduced through adequate raining, as well as by prioritizing employee health and engagement. Using secure data and payment platforms reduces the risk of personal information breaches.


Get the basics in place such as inventories, global brokers and institutionalized administration protocols / manuals). This is the critical first step to being able to operate with resilience and agility.


People Risk: Resetting priorities to manage risks for workforce and business resilience

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Guide to managing people risks in your organization

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