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Showing Hospitality

Balloons and confetti dropped in stadium

Marsh recently hosted a series of well-attended, industry-specific webcasts addressing risk concerns related to cost savings, employee well-being, and productivity in Asia across the different stages of pandemic cycle. In these webcasts, our experts touched on the unique challenges faced by each industry, and how Marsh’s Pandemic Response Cycle tools can help businesses’ respond to these.

Following the webcast on the Hospitality & Gaming industry, Asia Insurance Review published an article highlighting the insights that were shared by our experts during the session.

“The COVID-19 pandemic makes it clear that hospitality and gaming businesses that rely on local business and tourism must adapt to find new ways to operate profitably in today’s environment, which is one of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Marsh experts lay out the risk factors involved for the hospitality industry in the coming months.” wrote Ahmad Zaki, Journalist, Asia Insurance Review. A copy of the story, which was published in the June edition, is available for download.

The Pandemic Response Cycle tool mapped the stages of the pandemic, the business challenges our clients would face in each stage, and the four key areas where we can help them improve their outcomes and the resiliency of their businesses. These areas are: 

  • Cost savings.
  • Employee productivity and well-being
  • Shifting risk profile and risk management.
  • Revenue enablers.



Showing Hospitality