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Clinic Liability

Medical indemnity insurance and liability protection for the healthcare sector is a key focus for the Marsh financial and professional lines group. Our expertise includes medical malpractice, clinical trials, and public and products liability insurances.

With over 25 years of experience in Asia’s medical liability sector, we have built extensive market knowledge and robust relationships with insurers, takaful operators, and clients. Working closely with our clients and leveraging our in-depth understanding of risks and trends relevant to the sector, we enable our clients to better understand and provide cover against emerging issues such as:

Cosmetic and aesthetic services
We work with the client to review and improve patient management processes to mitigate risks.

Healthcare-associated infections (HAI)
We help healthcare providers and clients tackle this challenging issue, which arises due to the use of invasive devices and procedures.

Incident reporting
We work with clients to develop and refine effective processes within healthcare organizations.

Informed consent
We work with the client to address this increasingly important risk management process.

Obstetric and neurosurgical risks
We help clients understand and protect against these low-frequency risks that typically involve very high value claims.

Orthopaedic risks
Contributes to a high frequency of claims. Medical practitioners are advised to indemnify themselves against such risks.

New and emerging risks
Medical tourism, increased mobility of healthcare professionals and epidemic/pandemic infections all bring about new risks that medical practitioners need to address.

New technologies
Technology aids medical professionals but may also bring about risks. For example, electronic patient records eases administrative burden but brings about exposure concerns over data privacy and security.

Medefend’s Clinic Liability medical indemnity insurance cover can protect individual medical practitioners in Malaysia against a wide range of medical liability issues. The level and extent of coverage can be tailored to any specialty, providing the optimal level or coverage at the right cost.

Contact a Marsh representative today to find out more about how Clinic Liability can meet your specific needs.