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Eye on Manufacturing

Protecting your Business for Future Growth

The manufacturing industry is rapidly progressing and adapting to a new normal that has shifted global priorities. While this new normal is certainly creating new opportunities for businesses within this sector, keeping up with change involves significant increases in the complexity of the risks that businesses now face.

In order to keep pace and thrive in this new normal, the road ahead requires manufacturers to deploy sustainable cost containment strategies supported by innovative insurance programs and risk management solutions to mitigate against the significant financial and operational pressures.

Marsh will provide you with an overview of the key areas to consider in your risk management. Through our manufacturing industry hub, we offer insights to help you assess the road ahead and protect your business for a sustainable future.

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Risk Self-Assessment

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Mitigating Liquidity Risks Guide

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Mitigating Supply Chain Risks Guide

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Meet the Marsh experts

A guide on Evaluating your Insurance and Risk Management Plans in the New Normal

Mohamed Sharifi, Industries Business Development Manager, and Craig Paterson, Specialties Advisory Leader, share with you some of the latest insights on what aspects manufacturers can look at to evaluate their insurance programmes.

How Trade Credit Insurance Can Help Manufactures Thrive in the New Normal

Milind Jain, Credit Specialty Leader – Marsh MENA, speaks about the top liquidity concerns for manufacturers in the new normal and how trade credit insurance can help them mitigate those risks to focus on future growth.