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Diversity and inclusion in international sport

Discover how sports are becoming more accessible and inclusive, to build a more equitable future in our latest insights video.
TV camera and cameraman during handball match

The landscape of sports is experiencing a pivotal shift, with diversity and inclusion emerging as key drivers of change. The commitment to enhancing accessibility for athletes with disabilities, empowering female athletes and implementing more inclusive policies and programs is reshaping sports organisations across Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the globe.

These efforts are not just about leveling the playing field; they represent the evolving role of sports in building a more equitable and inclusive future.

Integrating accessibility and celebrating women's achievements mark a progressive shift toward a more inclusive and equitable sports ecosystem. Tackling barriers to accessibility is also essential. This change in the sports landscape reflects shifting societal norms and the industry's response to them.

Our latest insights video (below) dives deeper into how sporting organisations are becoming more diverse and inclusive, and how this is boosting fan engagement and reshaping the industry. Marsh McLennan’s sports industry experts and clients share their insights on initiatives such as the FIFA Women's World Cup's engagement of diverse communities, how organisations are addressing barriers to accessibility, taking a women-centred approach to sport as well as exploring meaningful investment and unique revenue opportunities. 

This video is part of our sports insights series. You can view the other video in the series at: Emerging trends in international sport.

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