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Emerging trends in international sport

Discover the future of international sport as Marsh McLennan's sports experts share insights on emerging and current trends in the sports industry, and strategies to help you navigate the evolving landscape of the sports industry in Australia.
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The past three years have seen significant changes across the business and governance of international sport. The rise of women’s sport, the emphasis and evolution on duty of care, the increasing vulnerability of events to cyberattacks, the consumption of sport across generations, and the evolution of engagement and technology advancements with fans and supporters alike have all had significant impact on the international sports industry, and New Zealand is no exception.

Valued at $17.8bn, the sports industry in Australia is a significant sector in its own right and must be treated so from a risk point of view. The revenue of some sporting bodies are comparable to large organisations,  and the unique risk profile and insurance requirements can vary across different types of sport.

Hear from our Marsh McLennan sports experts and clients as they share insights on emerging risks and what the international sports sector will look like into the future.

The global sports industry is facing emerging challenges.

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Dean Mumm

Dean Mumm

National Manager - Corporate Sport, Affinity

  • Australia

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