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Cyber Risk in the Transportation Industry

As transport operators digitalise their operational technology, the risk of a cyber-attack is elevated, and new architecture should be controlled and protected.

Transport networks have become increasingly digitalised, with a wide range of data flowing across systems, tracking and monitoring both digital and physical networks. As more devices and control systems are connected online, more vulnerabilities will appear, increasing the potential for disruption to physical assets. No enterprise is completely immune to cyber-attacks, but a comprehensive proactive strategy can eliminate many threats.

These following solutions reduce the likelihood of disruptions resulting from cyber-attacks:

  • Implementing a security best practice.
  • Establishing an effective risk governance structure in-line with other risk types and maintain board engagement.
  • Establishing a process to better understand the threats and risks to the organisation and enable the setting of risk appetite for cyber exposures.
  • Establish incident-response capability with tested incident response plans to ensure that the impact of any cyber-attack is minimised.

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