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Property & Asset Protection

Marsh offers a complete suite of services to identify, assess, quantify and mitigate property risks.

Marsh's Property Risk Consulting team can help clients protect and enhance the value of real assets across their enterprise. From property and hazard risk assessments and reviews, to natural hazard assessments and business interruption studies, our services can assist clients develop a sound strategy aligned with their business objectives to effectively manage property-related exposures.

The Consultants of Marsh's Property Risk Consulting team in New Zealand and Australia help clients identify, quantify, and manage property risks in all industries.

Marsh offers a comprehensive array of risk management services to address the key risk factors affecting the client's real assets. Applied individually or in strategic combinations, our services provide focused analysis and specific recommendations for mitigating exposure at every phase in the property lifecycle - from planning, construction, and maintenance, to operations, renovation, and sale.


  • A complete suite of services to identify, assess, quantify and mitigate property risks
  • Competitive Advantage: Assists clients in managing retained risks and improving underwriting results for property exposures as well as serve as an entree for additional consulting services such as business continuity management, emergency planning, crisis management, construction dispute resolution and large property loss claims services
  • Unparalleled industry experience and global reach, deep relationships and leverage with property insurers

Key Facts

  • Specialist consultants in Auckland, Wellington, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide Consult across the Pacific region and internationally
  • Consultants have backgrounds in science, engineering and/or business disciplines
  • Specialised capabilities in fire protection, property loss control, security, risk quantification, environmental and business continuity

Products and Services

  • Underwriting information reports
  • Property loss control
  • Public liability and safety reviews
  • Business and operational risk reviews
  • Project risk assessments
  • Quantified risk assessments
  • Maximum foreseeable loss estimations
  • Probability loss estimations
  • Environmental risk management
  • Business interruption and inter-dependency analyses
  • Natural hazard studies
  • Fire specification reviews
  • Property risk management policies, standards and guidelines