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Iris Michelle Rosa

Senior Multinational Advisor | Miami

  • Job Title: Senior Multinational Advisor
  • Department: Multinational Client Service
  • Office Location: Miami, Florida
  • Joined Marsh: April 2011
  • Hometown: San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Education: University of Barcelona - OBS Business School, Global MBA
  • Personal Interests and Hobbies: Yoga & wellness, boating, traveling, dog lover

Meet Iris

I’m a senior multinational advisor for the Marsh Multinational Practice, providing advisory and guidance to our multinational clients with their risk management challenges and strategies supporting their global operations.

How does your work support our company in being the Risk Advisor of the Future?

Marsh provides our clients with global interconnectivity while serving as an extension of their risk management. We use technology and data-driven insights that provide enhanced client experiences. By coordinating seamlessly among teams and leveraging our extensive professional global network, digital tools, and global analytics, we bring the best of Marsh to our clients while always acting with agility and integrity.

Tell us about something new you learned recently.

This year, I have been honing my gardening skills. I have discovered that I relish the unhurried pace of gardening, where progress is made day by day, and the results are not immediately apparent. This has led me to reflect on how our professional lives are similar. Often, the work we do every day may seem insignificant, but it is the steady accumulation of small steps that leads to significant growth over time. When I look back at my 25-year career in insurance, I realize that every single client interaction, victory, and defeat has contributed to my growth as a professional, landing where I am today.

Tell us something important about your family or background that helped form the person and colleague you are today.

In our culture, family is everything. The sense of loyalty, unity, and support within my family has taught me the importance of fostering strong relationships with colleagues and treating them as an extension of my family. My siblings and I share a tight bond; we are each other's best friends and confidantes. We also have many first cousins who are like siblings, as we grew up together and formed a tight-knit family.

My dad worked for 25 years for the US Postal Service. He was the first-ever manager in my family. My father worked nights for many years, so our weekends were our quality time. To this day, I reach out to him when I have work-related challenges. He always has a great story to share that will give me perspective. He and I think differently, but I always listen to his advice, which often ends with "always show your smile.”

My mom stayed at home and helped my grandparents with their food truck. From her, I learned how to handle customers with kindness and elegance while commanding respect as a woman. My mom instilled that I had to dress up for work every day and be on time. She loves entertaining, music, and dancing salsa, a trait that I definitely carry and treasure.

Growing up, I spent most of my time playing sports, with volleyball my favorite. I played as a setter, which required me to be aware of the position of every player on the court at any given time so our team could make the best play possible.

I believe my background has translated into being a collaborative and empathetic colleague who values and loves teamwork.

Which of Marsh's shared characters – passionate, human, inquisitive or enterprising – resonate most with you?

Our shared characters are like our color energies; we have all of them but rely on our preferences. I am a very passionate person, but being human resonates the most.

My job is demanding and, at times, stressful, which requires a good emotional balance. While leading a segment for the Puerto Rico office, I made sure to connect on a human level with my peers and direct reports. We would start our Monday meetings by talking about our weekends, and I would also spend time with each of them individually to understand what might be affecting them. Being human makes us better leaders, better advisors, and better colleagues.

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