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David Adams

Development Executive | Reading

  • Name: David Adams
  • Job Title: Development Executive
  • Business: Corporate
  • Office Location: Reading, England
  • Joined Marsh: June 2018
  • Hometown: Liverpool
  • Education: Level 7 (the equivalent of a Master’s Degree), Strategic Leadership and Management, Manchester Business School
  • Interests: Sports, music, cinema

Meet Dave

I develop relationships with prospects to onboard them as new clients to Marsh. I also lead the technology steering group for the UK corporate space. This provides the opportunity to support colleagues who have a technology focus and allows for a collaborative approach across the UK regions.

I came to Marsh through the Lloyd's Military Network. Marsh wasn't a firm I had interned with, but I ended up here after a series of introductions. I started as a project manager working on new business and then moved into a sales role after about a year.

Which of our Marsh shared characters — passionate, human, inquisitive, or enterprising — resonates most with you?

Passionate. One of the things that drives me is building interpersonal relationships and learning about new cultures. My job helps me do that because I meet new and interesting people almost every day. How they like Marsh to work and how Marsh can work.

Marsh has a learning culture. Tell us about something new you learned recently. How did you learn it?

I’m learning how to play chess better. I know how to play, but now I’m getting more into the strategy of it by reading books and using technology and apps. Chess has always been a game that's interested me because it's so strategic. It's about understanding how your opponent thinks and how someone may approach the same situation differently than you.

How does a hybrid work environment support you in doing your work?

It helps with a work-life balance and allows for periods of concentration where necessary. The benefit of being able to focus is massive, as is being in person and working on something together. I’m usually in the office three days a week or meeting with clients.

October 10 is World Mental Health Day. Why is this topic important to you? How have you helped raise awareness about the importance of mental well-being?

I served in the army and was discharged in 2018 for post-traumatic stress disorder due to events in Afghanistan. I openly discuss my mental health journey, which I believe allows others to feel comfortable sharing their own personal stories and struggles. I believe this will encourage others to seek help when necessary rather than suffer in silence.

Related, I’m passionate about helping people transition from the military into our working community. In 2019, I founded the Marsh UK Military Network and am currently the chair. We’ve identified business areas where former service members would do well because of the skillsets they bring – they've honed their soft skills, like communicating effectively, in hard environments. We also sponsor events like commemorating Remembrance Day and hosting dinners for clients and prospects.

At Marsh, I can bring every facet of my life to work, whether this is my Army background and experience, to my mental health. I feel that I don't need to hide or change who I am to work effectively here.

Recognizing World Mental Health Day

In recognition of World Mental Health Day, meet some of our colleagues committed to keeping the importance of mental well-being front and center. Marsh values diverse perspectives, talents, and backgrounds.